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Most frequent questions and answers

We suggest replacing the blade after 4 to 10 shaves.

With the proper care, our razor should last for MANY years. 

Every time you use the razor, please give it a proper rinse, wipe dry and store in a cool dry place. Avoid dropping it.

If cared for properly, it can last a life-time. 

Just change the blade ($0,40) every 4 to 10 shaves.

We suggest collecting the blades in an old jar or tin. Once full,  there are a few different options to dispose of the blades correctly.
 Contact your council to locate the nearest recycling point for sharps items, dispose them directly in your recycling bin using a aluminum tin or send the blades back to us.
  • Exfoliate and soak in your warm water (optional but recommended for optimal results)
  • Lather up your legs using a shaving soap, shaving oil, or whatever product you’re used to.
  • Hold your razor at a 30/35 degree angle.
  • Shave in short strokes, this makes it easier to adjust the angle and control your razor.
  • Use little to NO PRESSURE, the weight of the razor will provide enough of it.
  • Pay extra attention to the areas around your knee, ankle bone, and back of your ankle. These areas are the danger zones!
  • Having your legs warm and wet helps avoiding Goosebumps and razor rash.

Yes! 👌

You can use your Camelie Razor to shave everywhere.

1. Unscrew the handle and take off the head of the razor.

2. Carefully place the blade between the top two pieces, the smooth and plain side need to be against the handle

3. Put it back together by screwing the handle

It doesn’t matter which way up or down the blade goes as it’s the same on each side.

Scroll up to find a video of how to do it 👌

After each use, give your razor a rinse, you’ll want the pressure of tap water against the back of the razor head to dislodge any hair and oil/soap. It is recommended to open it to give it a good rinse.

Then dry it, and store it in a cool and dry place. (It’s very important to keep your razor and blades super dry after using it.) 


Black Matte and Rose Gold: Very resistant

The color is made with a technique called electroplating, which means that it is not a painted color.

Green and Pink: Much more prone to chipping, especially when falling over. This won’t affect its function and won’t make it rust.

Yes! We don’t use any animal products and we don’t try the products on animals.

100% vegan and cruelty free.

Green and Pink: Much more prone to chipping, especially when falling over. This won’t affect its function and won’t make it rust.

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