With the proper care, our razor should last for years. 

Every time you use the razor, please give it a proper rinse, wipe dry and store in a cool dry place.

You can cut yourself with any razor when not used correctly.

Just take 5 minutes to read how to properly use your razor, and you definitely won’t cut your self 🙂

Pressure. Don’t apply any pressure, just let the weight of the razor glide over your skin.

Short Strokes. Shave in short strokes (a few inches at a time), rinsing your razor in between.

Angle. Unlike disposable razors, safety razors don’t have a pivoting head. You have to control the angle of your razor aim for a 30-35 degree angle.

Slow starting. Take it slowly while getting used to this new way of shaving.

Camelie razor is made of brass which is a fantastic material as it does not rust. However, as with any metal, it can be susceptible to corrosion when not cared for properly. 

We highly recommend you to keep your razor clean, dry and in cool dry place.

 Yes, you can!

Black Matte and Rose Gold: Very resistant

The color is made with a technique called electroplating, which means that it is not a painted color.

Green and Pink: Much more prone to chipping, especially when falling over. This won’t affect its function and won’t make it rust.

The handle is made of brass and the head is made of zinc alloy. Both materials are characterized by their durability and resistance to corrosion. 

Shaving with a safety razor reduces skin irritation, shave bumps, and ingrown hairs that are common with disposable razors. The main reason is that with a safety razor you only have one blade against your skin at any time.

If you use a 3 blade cartridge razor and go over an area 3 times, you have now exposed one area of skin to 15 passes of a blade. In comparison, if you are using a safety razor, you are only exposing the skin to one blade at a pass. The fewer times that you rake your skin with a blade, the happier it is going to be.

We suggest collecting the blades in an old jar or tin. Once full,  there are a few different options to dispose of the blades correctly. Contact your council to locate the nearest recycling point for sharps items.

If you don’t find any, you can ship the blades back to us.

Just send a email to info@iscamelie.com.

Shaving soap/oil

Yes! We don’t use any animal products and we don’t try the products on animals.

100% vegan and cruelty free.

No. Both products are made 100% from natural ingredients.


Yes! We use cardboard boxex,kraft or compostable mailers, paper and biodegradable packaging peanuts that you can compost or dissolve them in water.

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